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Director of the Durga Das Foundation, he spearheads operations, overseeing and ensuring that the latest global developments in the field of education are customised to the needs of the Indian child. Under his leadership, there is an attempt at creating synergy in the administrative, academic, social and cultural aspects of the organisation. Using the maxim of “less is more” he tries to let simplicity be his guiding motto as he goes about setting efficient systems in place. With over 20 years of experience, he has been working in the areas of education, art and culture and social development under the banner of the parent organisation, the Durga Das Foundation. He keeps himself abreast of the latest innovations in learning and adapts them to the needs of students at Strawberry Fields.



As Chief Mentor of the School, she adds value to the entire range of ongoing activities and future development of the school. She contributes to curriculum design, teaching styles, teacher training initiatives, parent-teacher interactions and appropriate child-friendly assessment methods. Having been Principal of the Strawberry Fields High School for over eight years, she has steered the school’s growth and development from inception to infancy and now maturity. Going forward, she will help take the school to the next level by building partnerships, synergies and alliances that are in line with the school’s integral philosophy and the needs of present day environment. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Hons.) and a Certificate in Mathematics with Education, from the University of Cambridge and an M.Phil. in Educational Research from Cambridge.



As Principal of the School, she brings an efficient and transparent style of leadership to the operational and managerial functions of running the school. Simultaneously, she guides and shapes the learning curve of students and teachers who find new and creative ways of showcasing their talent, setting their own milestones and demonstrating successes, which are at par; with the best in the world. Having been the School’s Coordinator since its inception, gives her a clear understanding of the school’s philosophy and the socio-cultural backgrounds of her students and parent community. She blends all the elements harmoniously to help create a vibrant, energised and stimulating environment that is the hallmark of the School.