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    3rd position in Kids R Kids Soccer Carnival

    Nov 20, 2018

    The SFHS U-11 Boys Soccer Team were placed 3rd in the Soccer Carnival held by Kids R Kids School, Sector 42, Chandigarh from 15-17 November 2018.
    The SFHS team included–
    From Class 4 – Ayush Sihag, Harfateh Singh Sandhu, Aviraj Singh Kapur, Veer Sher Singh Sidhu, Fateh Bir Dullat and Adhyan Gaurav Ghai
    From Class 5 – Abir Sindhu, Shauryajit Singh, Dev Gaurav Ghai and Maahir Jindal
    From Class 6 – Armaan Pujara and Jatin Trigotra.
    The team played their 1st match on 15 November 2018 against the team from Smart Wonders which they won 3-0. Shaurajit Singh was awarded the Man of the Match title.
    The 2nd match was played the next day, 16 November, against Team B of Kids R Kids School which they won 2-0. Ayush Sihag was declared the Man of the Match.
    On 17 November 2018, the semifinal match was played between the teams from SFHS and Chitkara which ended in a tie 1-1. The tie breaker penalty shoots ended with our team losing by 1 point.
    The team there after played for against the team from St. Kabir School and were declared 3rd in the tournament. Armaan Pujara was awarded the Man of the Match title and Ayush Sihag was declared the Best Scorer of the Tournament.
    We congratulate our young players!

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