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    All India National Winners at the SIR 2017

    Aug 05, 2017

    The Social Innovation Relay 2017 organized by Junior Achievement India, witnessed another winner this year with the SFHS students Ishgun Singh Arora, Prerna Vijand Shivam Singh earning the trophy for the All India National Winners in this highly prestigious championship.
    Their award winning ‘Innovative Idea’ involved the conversion of deleterious gases, which are released in the air, and come from food based industries or heavy metal industries, where smoke is produced by the minute. To combat this problem they came up with the unique machine – ‘Hatrick’ which serves three basic functions :
    1. It is environment friendly since it effectively converts waste heat into electricity

    2. It prevents harmful gases and smoke to escape into the atmosphere by converting smoke into water vapour, which can be treated in late treatment plants

    3. It not only helps the young entrepreneurs earn a profit, but also the consumer by generating electricity waste heat, thereby, cutting down on the overall electricity bill of the consumer
    The SFHS team has indeed done us proud and we wish them all success in their novel venture!

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