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    High School Athletic Meet

    Dec 21, 2018

    The High School Athletic Meet, conducted across 17-19 December began with a March Past by columns of the 4 Houses led by the Sports Captain Mahira Sood and the respective House Captains and Prefects. The day saw students from classes 9-12 engage energetically in 80m Hurdles, 80m, 200 m and 400m sprints.
    The Inter House Relay was cheered on by the young spectators and saw Agni House Girls in 1st place, followed by El Maa and Aether House.
    The Inter House Relay for Boys was bagged by Aether House followed byTerra and El Maa in third place. Tug- of-War, the fun event awaited by all was won by Aether House..
    The event saw camaraderie and great sportsmanship come to the force as cheers rent the air for the winning athletes, irrespective of the House they belonged to.

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