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    Inter House Games – Day 1

    Nov 26, 2018

    The Inter House Games commenced on 26 November 2018 amidst high cheer and camaraderie. The day started with the sports captains taking the oath encouraging participation and healthy competition among all the participants. It was a beautiful display of colour to see the students come out to play in their respective house colours. The games include Football, Basketball and Tennis. The Strawberry Fields High School campus came alive to sounds of cheering and fun.
    The first day witnessed two football matches, the first between Aether House and Agni House in which Aether emerged victorious 1-0 and the second match took place between Terra House and Elmaa House where Terra won 3-1.
    In Tennis which was introduced for the first time, in the boys matches, the match between Aether and Terra was won by Terra 6-1. The second match was between Elmaa and Agni where Elmaa was victorious with a score of 6-0. The final match took place between Terra and Elmaa where Elmaa won 6-3. The final house positions for Tennis Boys stands as follows
    1st: Elmaa House
    2nd: Terra House.

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