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    Interactive Session with Simar Malhotra

    Dec 28, 2018

    The students of classes 9 & 10 had an enthralling interactive session with Simar Malhotra, a young and witty author of the teen novel, ‘There is a Tide’. Simar is studying at Stanford University and is the winner of the Bocock/Guerard Fiction Prize. Her work has been published in the Goldman Review literary journal and Stanford’sin-house magazine, Topiary. Set in America and India, the book explores the lives of three young individuals, crashing against the sands of man-made boundaries political, aspirational, religious, societal and love. “It is actually a manifestation of the contemporary world through the eyes of a young Indian in America,” the 21-year-old author said.
    A Stanford University undergraduate, Malhotra had taken a plunge into the world of writing literature with ‘There Is A Tide’ as a 17-year-old, and has never looked back since.
    The author had many words of encouragement and guidance for the young minds to follow their passion in life and putting their ideas into paper. She said, “Write about things as if you are looking at them for the last time and you will find the words to preserve them.”
    It was an enjoyable learning experience for the students, as Simar tirelessly answered the questions asked by the inquisitive audience.

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