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    Tournament of Champions at Yale, USA

    Nov 24, 2017

    Ten students from SFHS made it to the Champions Trophy of World Scholar’s Cup held in Yale University during the month of November, 2017. Their exemplary performance in this tournament brought rich laurels to the school. The 3 teams bagged a hoard of Gold and Silver medals in various categories of the Championship in which schools from fifty countries participated. Beeya Jagat of class 9 was the highest scorer amongst these students. Her team comprising of Sanjana Bhan and Siya Ahuja of class 9 attained the 24th position in the overall category.

    Other participating students from SFHS included Nehmat Sandhu, Rehmat Swani, Hoonar Chawla, Aanandita Kapoor, Raeka Sharma, Anhat Singh from the Juniors category and Twesha Dikshit from the Seniors category. Congratulations to all these wonderful champions!

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