January 8, 2020

Dr. Seema Wadhwa, Associate Director Gynaecology at Max Hospital conducted a talk and held an interactive session for the girls of classes 6 and 7 on Thursday, 19th December, 2019. Girls at this age are naturally curious about their bodies and have many questions and concerns. It is important to be as open as possible so that they are prepared for the changes ahead.

Dr. Wadhwa spoke to the girls about attaining puberty and bodily changes associated with the onset of puberty and the importance for young girls to calculate their BMI and sustain a healthy weight and diet program at this time of their lives. She also addressed the onset of menstruation in girls at this age and how to maintain personal hygiene. Dr. Wadhwa, an expert in her field was able to address the queries of the young girls, and has shared her number with them, should they further wish to discuss any problems with her.

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