IB Diploma Programme Information Session for ICSE Students

June 18, 2020

The IB Diploma Programme Information session was successfully conducted on Wednesday, 17 June, 2020 for ICSE students of the Grade 10 outgoing batch. The Dean of IBDP Mrs. Meenakshi Mehta, Deputy Dean Mrs. Shabnam Singha and DP Coordinator Mrs. Smita Satyarthi along with the IB DP students and educators initiated the session.

The students were briefed about the benefits of the diploma and how it is different from the traditional curriculum. The IB DP graduating batch students –  Shreen Kang and Paramveer shared their views on how the Diploma Programme broadened their knowledge and thinking. Paramveer further added how studying Visual Art assisted him to complete his research projects in various subject. The students of IB Y2 Rayhan Lehal and Manan Kansil gave their thoughts on the core elements: Extended Essay and CAS.

The school Counsellor, Ms. Nisha Kaul provided brief information on the Diploma Programme and how it is well-known throughout the world for the high quality of the coursework it offers. She further explained that doing well in one’s IB courses and earning the IB Diploma indicates to colleges that you are an objectively strong student.

The educators elucidated the ways in which each subject is studied differently. They briefed the students on how earning an IB Diploma also shows you’re willing to take on special academic challenges and chosen to go beyond the typical high school curriculum to pursue a goal that asks more of you, including significant independent work on topics of your own choice.

The session ended on a high note with an overview of the IB DP offerings and the rigorous pedagogical approach that it promises. Overall, the session effectively engaged the audience through its interesting format and presentation.

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