IBDP Theory of Knowledge Enhancement Session and Subject Specific Psychology Workshop

January 25, 2020

The experienced consultant Ms. Chrisann Almeida from Course Leap Education, Mumbai conducted the IBDP TOK (Core: Theory of Knowledge) and subject specific Psychology workshops on January 24 and 25, 2020 respectively.

The TOK workshop was conducted exclusively for the students from IBDP Y1 and Y2. The session was focused on understanding and applying the criteria in TOK presentation, formatting TOK presentation and knowledge question, how to link it to real life situation (RLS), application of knowledge question in various areas of knowledge (AOK), analyzing multiple perspectives and creating presentation outline. The students were actively involved in the various discussions with the primary purpose of enhancing critical thinking skills and reasoned evaluation.

The Psychology workshop focused entirely on internal and external assessments with one to one sessions with the students of IBDP Y2. Inputs on their internal assessments were given and discussed in details. The subject session was also conducted for the educators on scheme of works, unit plans and subject specific assessments.

The workshops were the extension to the sessions held in October. Both the workshop sessions were effectively engaging the students through various interesting tasks and activities.

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