SFHS IBDP Student Exchange Program

May 30, 2019

The SFHS IBDP Year 2 students participated in a student exchange program at “The Heritage School (THS), Kolkata” from 9 to 13 May 2019. The five-day trip coincided with the THS’s annual event “Youthopia” in which 15 schools engaged in a variety of inter school events over three days.The combination of competitions with the exchange program was a remarkable opportunity for students to explore and immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of West Bengal.

Each student engaged in three days of fierce competition where they competed with students from reputed schools from all over Kolkata in a quest to prove their mettle. The various activities ranged from field events like Cricket and Football to academic contests like Quiz, Slam Poetry and Debate to the stage competitions like a Fashion Show and Stand-Up Comedy. Parum veer Walia, Tanay Singh, Kudrat Singh and Shireen Kang did exceptionally well and bagged the top prizes in Slam poetry, Stand-up comedy and Debate respectively. The contribution of all team members was highly appreciated by the judges and host school.

The Exchange Program gave the Diploma students the chance to interact with the Kolkata families, exposing them to the traditional and cultural beliefs up held by them and that sowedthe seeds of adaptability, understanding and cooperation in our students.

In addition to our Diploma students engaging in the CAS strands, they have returned with enriched learning and recreational experiences. These experience shave enabled our students to stretch their learning boundaries and gain varied perspectives that bring with them universal values of respect, understanding and open-mindedness.

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