Substance Abuse – Session by Dr Ruby Ahuja

January 21, 2020

A relevant and pertinent session regarding Substance Abuse was held by Dr. Ruby Ahuja, a psychologist of repute on 17 January, 2020. Dr. Ahuja has more than 18 years of experience in the field of Clinical Psychology and has been providing counseling services to various multinational companies across the country. Over the years she has conducted various workshops related to stress management and behavioral health. She is registered with the Rehabilitation Council of India and a certified CBT trainer, NLP practitioner and a member of various National and International Journals.

Dr. Ruby gave an eloquent insight on substance abuse and its various impacts on the human brain, to students of grades 9 and 11. The session was quite an eye-opener for both the students and the educators.  Through her interaction with students she made clear that there is no substitute to good health and children must learn to say no and not resort to any kind of peer pressure for substance use.

The students interacted freely and cleared their doubts on various issues pertaining to addictions and use of drugs.

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