Our doors are always open for our alumni and we love to hear and share their stories after they have stepped into the big wide world from the gates of their alma mater.

The Alumni Office at Strawberry Fields will provide a platform to stay connected and engaged with fellow batchmates and the school so that alums can continue to promote the school’s values and legacy wherever they go.

Alums can share latest contact details with us so that we can reach out to them and keep them updated with news, updates, events and other activities.

We aim to promote a lifelong connection between the Alumni and the school with a view to inspire and create a compassionate platform that can enrich, provide nostalgia and support to one another.

  • To keep the Alumni network connected with each other and the school through a consistent communication channel.
  • To enable and facilitate meaningful engagement platforms and programmes for the Strawberry Fields community, that embody the schools’ ethos.
  • To offer enduring support to alumni in the form of advice, opportunities and platforms, enabling their growth and development.
  • To co-create an environment where alumni and the school thrive in a mutually beneficial lifelong relationship.
  • To highlight the achievements and impact of the alumni and the school for the Strawberry Fields community.

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