CAS Festival Filantropia

August 28, 2019

 CAS is a core component of IB Diploma Programme which is meant to be the journey to self-discovery. It encourages students to grow personally and socially. It also assists them in developing skills such as cooperation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, creative and critical thinking etc, to highlight their own identities. The students of IB Diploma Programme, successfully organized the CAS festival ‘Filantropia’ on Thursday, August 22. They had set the wheels in motion to use the event not only to address the social issues such as acceptance and environmental degradation but also endeavored to raise funds for charity.

Many team-building activities were also organized, which gave them an opportunity to learn to work collaboratively. A three hour long jam-packed amalgamation of creativity, activity and service, ‘Filantropia’ can be called the first one-of-its -kind School Festival. A student initiative led by Shireen Kang and Parumveer Walia, was a team work of both IBDP and class 12 (ISC) students. An array of activities lined the event schedule, ranging from band performances to a fashion show. Elements such as the photo booth, treasure hunt, calligraphy and sculpting station were the most noteworthy and significant features of the Festival.

The Art Exhibition called ‘Art’istotle displayed the magnificent art works of the participating students which amazed the visitors with its splendor. While the art and craft stall and aesthetics captivated the art connoisseurs, the Gaming Hub “PS4 I Love You” was a delight for teenagers.

The in-house bake sale by the IB students accentuated the event.

Attended by both students and teachers, Filantropia was able to raise more than Rs. 70,000 for charity, as a result of uncompromising, resolute efforts of the Organizing Committee. The school takes pride in the accomplishment of its students with the backing of the faculty, and staff.

Strawberry Fields High School