‘Celebrations at Strawberry Fields for the 74th Republic Day’

January 26, 2023

The 74th Republic Day celebrations at Strawberry Fields High School were marked with anticipated fervour and zeal. The day will surely create a core memory for the students of Classes 3 and 4 who were present for the flag hoisting ceremony along with their educators from the junior wing. The school choir and students presented a brief programme of patriotic songs and a dance, with patent enthusiasm and vigour.

The occasion was made even more special with announcement of the Director’s Commendation Certificates in a heartwarming ceremony to appreciate and applaud the sincerity and dedication to service of some members of staff at the school.

The awardees at today’s function included:
Mr. Kanwal Paul, DDF Social Welfare Officer
Mrs. Sulochana Kamboj, Head, Housekeeping Staff
Mr. Allen Mathew, Manager Operations
Mrs. Deepinder Khara, Head of Department, English
Mr. Mayank Vaishnav, Head of Department, Hindi
Mr. Subhasis Hazra, Senior Educator, Classical Indian Music
Mrs. Sonal Ratta, Educator, Middle school
Ms. Alka Datta, Educator, Middle school
Mrs. Deepshikha Mahajan, Head of Department, Sports
Mrs. Ruchi Pun Rishi, Educator, Junior school
Mrs. Deepshikha Pargal, Educator, Junior school

The following didis and bhaiyas were also felicitated for their devotion and sincerity to their work: Tej Singh, Haripal and Dan Bahadur, Ram Sajeevan, Mukesh, Uma and Vineeta.

Video Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q3oxc5zIhoPM0EJ84ywcyQ_thAGoesAn/view?usp=share_link

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