Class 3 Assembly

February 7, 2023

There was magic in the air in the Newton Hall, while elusive and mysterious witches, enchanted forests, kings and queens in full regalia, and singing cats stole the show. Five back to back theatrical presentations by students of Class 3 supported in full strength by the delightful choir, left the audience mesmerised.

The razzle-dazzle of the Junior School assemblies is back with full vigour, the stage decked up in beautiful props and backdrops for the class performances which include every child. These are golden opportunities for teamwork and for building close bonds with peers. The sparkling and witty script was delivered with great élan by the young, budding actors, effortlessly picking up on cues and performing to their heart’s content.

Kudos to the Class 3 team of educators and the music department for the brilliant performances by their students.

Strawberry Fields High School