Diploma Student Develops Innovative App for Instant Advice to Diabetics

August 9, 2019

Adavya Bhutani, a student of Strawberry Fields High School, studying the IB Diploma Programme has developed a unique app that comes as a relief to patients suffering from diabetes. GlucoDoc- Mobile based platform that enables patients who suffer from diabetes to get instantaneous feedback on abnormal blood sugar levels from their treating doctor. It replaces the need for traditional hospital visits and facilitates faster communication that can be the turning point in case of emergencies. The app also lets patients securely save their active medications and blood sugar reports. The app is currently launched in India on the google play store and has 100+ users.

The plan going forward is to get feedback from the users and use that in conjunction with other engagement metrics to improve the app.Furthermore, Adavya is also looking into developing an AI algorithm and assigning a severity index to every report to reduce the latency even more. Additionally, new features such as medication reminders and weekly doctor tips coupled with interface and design improvements like displaying past glucose reports in a timeline could be the key to attracting more users and doctors on the platform.

He further added, when he saw the patients facing complications in monitoring their blood sugar level on regular basis, inspired him to design the app to assist the patients and the physicians. According to WHO, 69.2 million people in India suffer from diabetes which is the highest across the world, and this number is expected to reach 98 million by 2030. Patients need careful and frequent monitoring of blood sugar levels and almost always require immediate change to medications and diet to prevent any complications. When he realized that a lot of people were stressed out and taking inappropriate doses because of not being able to connect with the doctor right away, he decided to work on an application that could potentially bridge this gap and be more convenient to use

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