Director’s message on the occasion of Teachers’ Day 2022

September 6, 2022

Good morning beautiful people,

As educators, no one had prepared you for surviving a pandemic. You relied on your innate strengths to step up the ante and discover a new brand of creativity and resilience. Happy teachers day. We are truly blessed to have such a strong community of educators who love their work and are so committed to their students. Lets continue to strengthen what we believe in and be there for one another.

Looking forward to your presence at the high tea this evening!

Warmly Atul


This little note from Mr Khanna set the tone for a day of celebration for the teachers and staff of the Strawberry Fields Schools.

In the plush Ball Room at the Hyatt, Sonali and Atul Khanna welcomed the stars of the evening, dressed up and ready to party. Mr David Lal and Pratiek Lal provided the music …old favourites that everyone could relate to, and sing along with. In a swirl of vibrant colours, laughing and chattering, taking time out from their hectic schedules, the teachers, danced with gleeful abandon.

It was a heartwarming and beautiful gesture that made each of us feel like we belonged to a family like no other!

Happy Teachers’ Day 2022

Strawberry Fields High School