Endangered Species Day

May 26, 2022

Endangered Species Day is observed every year on the third Friday in May, to spread awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation and endangered species rehabilitation. The members of the Quizzing Club of classes 7 & 8 conducted an awareness campaign and planned a quiz activity for grades 5 – 8 on the 20th of May. Students were involved in various activities, right from collecting information about the endangered species, making a PowerPoint presentation, decorating the softboards, writing slogans to assisting the mentors in putting together an interactive quiz. The students took the lead and conducted the presentation and quiz across middle school. The varied types of questions asked triggered the curious young minds and made it a fun and learning event for all. There was no dearth of enthusiasm amongst the students of the quizzing club to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our wildlife.

Strawberry Fields High School