‘Enkrypt’ Winners

July 2, 2022

The students from our school brought home laurels, as they helped Strawberry Fields High School achieve the 1st Position in the Inter-school IT Competition, ‘Enkrypt’, hosted by St. Stephens School to commemorate the Ruby Jubilee Anniversary of the school. 


With more than 12 schools participating in the events, our students displayed sheer grit, determination, spontaneity, and intelligence. The competition tested the students in a unique way, forcing them to think quickly on their feet and come up with solutions to the given tasks.


In the Junior category, Aarav Gupta (6D) and Ria Jain (6D), came first in the IT Quiz. They were spontaneous, uninhibited, and confident as they went through many rounds of intimidating questioning, in the same category Advit Agrawal (6D) and Yashvir Singh Dhillon (6D) ended up as the second runners-up in the PPT Making competition. The theme given to them was “Quality Education”, for which they had to create a Power Point Presentation. They delivered their presentation in front of the audience, meticulously explaining each slide and confidently answering the questions put forward by the judges.


In the Senior Category, Advay Bajaj (10C) and Rehaan Goyal (10C) bagged 1st position across all schools in the Programming Event. This event tested their knowledge of the Java Programming language, specifically the single-dimensional arrays, strings, and patterns aspects of it. They were made to write the code for three separate programs, which they managed to complete well within time, hence successfully winning the competition. Their consistent hard work certainly paid off by winning the overall Trophy.

Strawberry Fields High School