Hamaari Kaksha Session by Class 10

August 20, 2019

As part of the an ongoing SUPW and Community Service initiative of the school, all students of Grade 10 reached out to the NGO, ‘Hamaari Kaksha’ and volunteered to teach the students from a less privileged background the basics of English Grammar. The students visit the ‘Hamari Kaksha’ premises at Sector 7 on a weekly basis.

Here, they recently initiated a plan to teach concepts like Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs etc with an emphasis to improve the English speaking skills of the young learners through activities, worksheets, games and stories. Our children diligently planned various activities and enjoyed making a variety of props to enhance the lessons. They divided the ‘Hamari Kaksha’ children into different learning groups and encouraged them to share their views and actively participate in all activities. It was a unique opportunity for our children to realise that education can be used as a tool to bring about social change.

Strawberry Fields High School