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The Strawberry Fields High School has established an environment that encourages real learning, nurtures creativity and discovery and celebrates different worldviews.

It has educators who facilitate meaningful learning and tap into each child’s abilities, shaping qualities and character to make them responsible and compassionate world citizens.


School is committed to the safeguarding and wellbeing – including physical, emotional, psychological, social – of each child, both within and outside the school premises. The mindset, language and actions of every staff member reflect the school’s mission, culture and ethos, which prioritize child protection, wellbeing and safeguarding in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC, 1989) and the International Task Force on Child Protection. SFHS stakeholders are bound by the policies and procedures related to child protection and safeguarding.

SFHS aligns with leading international child protection agencies to regularly review and implement all school practices including staff recruitment and training, pedagogical delivery, and home-school partnerships, addressing any allegations or violations in accordance with relevant local and national regulations as per the SFHS Child Protection Policy to ensure proper and timely prevention and intervention.

School Librarian

Master’s in Library & Information Science with online Library management skills.

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