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May 25, 2023 Cadence 2023 "Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings; it takes its origin from emotions recollected in tranquillity." —William WordsworthTo enable students to discover their potential, exhibit talent, and enrich their learning experience, innumerable student-led events are conducted. Among such events is Cadence, the Inter House English Poetry Recitation Competition, organised by the Middle School, English Department, which was hosted on 18 May 2023.The students of Grades 5 and 6 successfully stirred diverse human emotions through their spectacular performances. The groups of participants from class 5 took the audience to the enchanting world with their recitation of poems based on ‘Animals’ while those from class 6 recited poems on the theme ‘Humour.'Grade 7 chose to recite four classic Romantic poems selected for their universal appeal. These poems that spanned across different ages inspire us by celebrating the natural world and human emotions. The participants from Grade 8 presented poetry based on the theme ‘War and Peace’. These poems highlight how hope and despair go hand-in-hand in a soldier’s mind while he is marching up towards the battle field.The feisty performance by each group, with perfect articulation, diction, and expression, was a viewer’s delight and created a spellbinding aura. The self-assurance and conviction showcased by the students in this event exemplified their grit in emerging triumphant in all challenging situations. The show that witnessed stiff competition was judged by a panel of eminent faculty members of the school.The winners of the competition were:Class 5 – 1stposition – Aether house (Arjun Khara, Sahira garg, Raya S Abraham, Avyan Gupta and Sharee Khera)Runners up – Agni house ( Saryu Kochar, Rahmat Oberoi, Parth Malhotra, Arav Uppal and Vivaan Gupta)Class 6 – 1stposition – El Maa house (Sudiksha Modi, Raghav Sharma, Miraya Modi and Abir Singh)Runners up – Terra house ( Kiara Maini, Alia Rajpal, Aarna Adya and Vidonia Jaidka)Class 7- 1stposition – El Maa house (Gobind Singh, Dhairya Khera and Suhawa Bhagat)Runners up – Terra house (Niyammat Jakhar, Aarna Kapuria and Advit Agrawal)Class 8- 1stposition – Aether house (Ibadat Bansal and Sumer Singh Harsh)Runners up – Agni house (Mehar Sethi and Ayanna Gill)To add further charm to it, the event was kickstarted with a choir of students singing ‘Money, Money, Money’ by ABBA, and concluded with ‘Dandelions’ by Ruth B.Learning a language and enjoying a piece of literature can be greatly enhanced by participating in recitation, which is both an important and successful method. Additionally, the event developed an appreciation for poetry in the children and impacted their social and emotional development in an encouraging manner. Read More
May 24, 2023 Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month observed at Strawberry Fields High School April marks a time to increase the understanding and appreciation of mathematics. We encourage our students to organize and host activities in this month, on account of it being, ‘Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month’.This year, students from grades 7-12 participated with zeal and designed mathematical games, toys and tools using materials available around them. They were encouraged to showcase their mathematical skills. The students came up with very interesting and original games and tools, some of which included a Math calculator to find the H.C.F / L.C.M of given numbers, Mathapoly a game similar to Snakes and Ladders, among others. The special month allows students to enjoy Mathematics and its various facets, while being creative. Read More
May 24, 2023 Shireen Ahluwalia of SFHS dazzles at Youth Asian Championship in Tashkent Shireen Ahluwalia, a young athlete from Strawberry Fields High School Chandigarh, has brought glory to her country by winning a gold medal in the Medley Relay of the Asian Youth Championships held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The news of her impressive feat has garnered attention and recognition from the sports community and the general public alike.During the championship, Shireen ran the perfect 300m leg as the penultimate runner and maintained the lead until she handed over the baton to the anchor runner. Her impressive performance and skill have earned her the respect and admiration of her fellow athletes, coaches, and spectators.To honour her achievement, Shireen was felicitated by the Adviser to the Administrator and the Sports Director of the Chandigarh Administration. This recognition serves as a testament to her hard work, dedication, and commitment to her sport.As a young athlete, Shireen's accomplishment is an inspiration to others and a reminder that with hard work, determination, and a passion for what you do, anything is possible. We wish her greater achievements in future competitions and hope that she continues to inspire others with her talent and success. Read More
May 24, 2023 Strawberry Fields Shines at Sat Paul Mittal Innovation Fest – Team wins, Most Innovative Prototype The team of Thakur Garg, Vinay Sharma, Riasat Singh Khosa, and Madhav Dutt have brought laurels to the School. The young innovators won the most innovative prototype at the Sat Paul Mittal Innovation Fest in Ludhiana.The event was held from May 11 – 13, 2023. The competition was adjudged by business experts from around the world who were intrigued by the ideas presented to them by students from over 30 schools in India. The first day of the event featured guest speakers, and the second day featured the event's first business pitch, which was aced by Team SFHS. On day three, the team astounded all students and judges with their very impressive crisis navigation strategy. Consequently, the team's hard work and dedication paid off as their innovative idea - ‘WorthSTEP’ an accessory that generates electricity while walking, won them yet another prize.Congratulations to these young entrepreneurs, once again!! Read More
May 24, 2023 Aim, Shoot and Strike – Rich Haul for SFHS Crackshot Innayat Thakur, of grade 9, Strawberry Fields High School has amazed us with her passion for shooting. She participated in the “011 India Open Competition (Air weapons)” which was held in New Delhi. The three day event, from the 16th to the 22nd of May saw contenders from across the country in various categories, firing their best shots.Innayat secured the fourth position in the 10m Air Pistol Junior category in both the Individual as well as the Team event, and the seventh position in the 10m Air Pistol Youth category in the individual event. Her resolute dedication to the sport is highly commendable, and the school is proud of her achievements. Read More
May 24, 2023 Class Assembly – The John Muir Group To mark the beginning of the new academic year, the first assembly of the session was conducted by the students of Grade 12B - The John Muir Group. At the outset, the peer group was addressed and introduced to the class name. John Muir, after whom the class is named, was a Scottish-American naturalist, author, and environmental philosopher, who had played a pivotal role in the conservation movement in the United States.This was followed by a ‘nukkad natak’ on Financial Literacy. The title was, ‘soch kar, samajh kar, invest kar’, (Think carefully, understand well and invest wisely). Through the entertaining presentation, an attempt was made to convey how financial literacy is an essential life skill that everyone should strive to acquire. The various types of investments were discussed through the ’natak’. The focus was on the diversification of investments in different instruments.The audience enjoyed the act that helped them to gain an understanding of the management of personal finances effectively. These included budgeting, investing, and planning for the future. This will guide them to make informed financial decisions, avoid debt and financial pitfalls, and plan for a secure financial future. The class received resounding applause and were happy that their effort was well received. Read More
May 23, 2023 The Language Café Language serves as a bridge, connecting individuals from diverse cultures and nations, facilitating comprehension, and promoting solidarity. The Language Café event offers a platform for students to showcase their language skills and engage in healthy competition while rejoicing in the richness of various languages and cultures. The IBDP Language team successfully organized an inter-house event on 11 May 2023 at SFHS in Chandigarh. The event featured three key competitions: creating advertisements and cartoons representing global issues and retelling classic fairy tales with a modern twist to suit contemporary audiences. Students from the Aether, El Maa, Agni, and Terra houses delivered captivating performances with their innovative ideas, leaving the audience mesmerized.In the first event, students were tasked with representing a global issue through a cartoon strip and expressing their perspectives on the matter. The second event required students to create an advertisement that highlighted a specific global issue of their choice. Finally, event three challenged students to use at least two languages to modify classic tales by tweaking characters and plots to give the audience a surprising twist. Each house was given a set of classical cartoon strips and instructed to convey their unique perspective on an important global issue using their creative abilities. The students effectively delivered their creative ideas and message through all three events. The event aimed to promote the integration of language, art, and creative thinking skills, while also raising awareness of pressing social issues in the school community.  Read More
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