Assembly by Class 11C – The Da Vinci group

December 27, 2022

Class 11C – The Da Vinci group conducted the Assembly on the 21st of December. With Christmas round
the corner, the class took us back in time to the year 1914 to one of the most extraordinary incidents of
all military history to re-enact the famous Truce between English and German forces on the Western
Front during World War 1 on Christmas Eve.

They presented a Reader’s Theatre adaptation of ‘The Christmas Truce’. The poignant story was narrated
in the form of letters written to loved ones about the incident, interspersed with the most haunting singing
of carols in English, German and Latin by the choir. The scenes were brought to life through visuals and
enactment of the incident with the students playing the part of soldiers in the battlefield. The true meaning
of Christmas and how it teaches us humanity and peace was seamlessly woven in the narrative, leaving
an indelible mark on the young audience.

Strawberry Fields High School