Durga Das Foundation donates Rs 10 lacs to PM Cares Fund to fight Covid-19

April 8, 2020

The Durga Das Foundation has donated Rs 10 lakh to the PM Cares Fund to fight COVID-19. The cheque was handed over to the Governor Punjab and Administrator UT, VP Singh Badnore This includes the Foundation’s contribution to which one day’s salary of all teachers and management of its Strawberry Fields Schools has been added. According to Atul Khanna, Director of the Foundation, “this is a voluntary effort which expresses solidarity to the cause, especially to strengthen efforts to feed the marginalised and to protect the salaries of daily wage workers.”


Meanwhile, the Foundation is ensuring that salaries of its 400 staff members which includes teachers, office staff and support staff in the form of bhaiyas and didis who are drawn from the lesser privileged backgrounds, are all paid on time. Every employee is being reassured that they are not alone and that together they will all tide over this dark period of uncertainty and impending gloom.


At a time when people are gripped with fear and uncertainty, hearing news of many who are stranded, losing jobs and unsure where their next meal is going to come from, these actions, hopefully give succor. The decision to contribute one day’s salary was a token gesture initiated by the teachers who wanted to be part of a larger collective initiative and one which demonstrated how tiny ripples could turn into waves. The Foundation would like to urge other educational institutions and think tanks to also step forward and do their bit.


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