August 30, 2022

“Look after the land, and the land will look after you Destroy the land, and the land will destroy you.”

Working on the principles of collaboration, creativity, fun and experiential learning, the students of grade 7 and 8 organized an exhibition based on sustainable products made via recycling and used it as a fundraiser for a noble cause, giving back to society through the Institute of the blind.

The students painted and decorated old used tin cans, transforming them into beautiful planters and boxes. They exhibited team work and got to have a firsthand experience of reducing, reusing and recycling. They worked over it over a span of two months, of planning, painting and executing, which turned out to be fruitful and worth the wait in the end.

The last few days before the exhibition were thrilling, full of anticipation, watching everyone come together with full enthusiasm was the highlight of the process. The exhibition started on the 22nd of August and finished the next day, since all the products were sold out. It was a hit, children and parents loved all the products. It was heartwarming seeing everyone come together and donate money for fundraising. All the money, and extra donations, we received directly went to the Institute of the Blind in sector 26, Chandigarh.

The entire event was planned by the head teachers of the club, Ms. Yamini Sood, Ms. Sehar Mohan, Ms. Bhavya Joshi and Ms. Anita Verma, who supervised it and gave their valuable input all throughout the journey. We would also like to thank Ms. Sangeeta Sekhon and Ms. Guneet Gill for supporting us throughout the process. Lastly, we’d like to acknowledge the efforts put in by the students of the Ecological club.

Strawberry Fields High School