From the Director’s desk ….

September 5, 2020

Special days that are commemorated in the honour of an individual or cause, are an important way of reinforcing certain values, commitments and beliefs. Honouring the memory of the scholarly visionary Dr S Radhakrishnan is a wonderful way of celebrating the profession of teaching and all those associated with it. India has had a tradition of the guru-shishya parampara that cherishes the presence of a guru in one’s life. The quest for knowledge and learning has been deeply ingrained in our psyche. This Teachers’ Day we applaud all past and present day teachers who have contributed to the character building of the students and through them, the country. We need our teachers today when the world is riddled with so many problems and challenges. Their ‘maarg darshan’ will take us from darkness to light, from confusion to clarity and from ignorance to wisdom.

Here is wishing you all a very happy Teachers Day 2020.

Strawberry Fields High School