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August 28, 2019 CAS Festival Filantropia  CAS is a core component of IB Diploma Programme which is meant to be the journey to self-discovery. It encourages students to grow personally and socially. It also assists them in developing skills such as cooperation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, creative and critical thinking etc, to highlight their own identities. The students of IB Diploma Programme, successfully organized the CAS festival ‘Filantropia’ on Thursday, August 22. They had set the wheels in motion to use the event not only to address the social issues such as acceptance and environmental degradation but also endeavored to raise funds for charity.Many team-building activities were also organized, which gave them an opportunity to learn to work collaboratively. A three hour long jam-packed amalgamation of creativity, activity and service, ‘Filantropia’ can be called the first one-of-its -kind School Festival. A student initiative led by Shireen Kang and Parumveer Walia, was a team work of both IBDP and class 12 (ISC) students. An array of activities lined the event schedule, ranging from band performances to a fashion show. Elements such as the photo booth, treasure hunt, calligraphy and sculpting station were the most noteworthy and significant features of the Festival.The Art Exhibition called ‘Art’istotle displayed the magnificent art works of the participating students which amazed the visitors with its splendor. While the art and craft stall and aesthetics captivated the art connoisseurs, the Gaming Hub “PS4 I Love You” was a delight for teenagers.The in-house bake sale by the IB students accentuated the event.Attended by both students and teachers, Filantropia was able to raise more than Rs. 70,000 for charity, as a result of uncompromising, resolute efforts of the Organizing Committee. The school takes pride in the accomplishment of its students with the backing of the faculty, and staff. Read More
August 27, 2019 Kismatt Qualified for Nationals Kismatt won bronze in 50m rifle shooting prone position UT state U18. She has qualified for Nationals. Read More
August 23, 2019 Council of International Schools College Tour Students of Grades 10, 11 and 12, including the IBDP, engaged in a highly enriching interaction with thirty universities from the US, Europe, Canada and the Middle East as part of the Council of International Schools (CIS) College Tour. This was the first time that this tour has visited Chandigarh and brought prestigious universities, such as the University of California-Riverside, Grinnell College and the University of Washington, amongst others, to our school. The hour-long interaction included one-on-one conversations with eager students and interested parents who benefited greatly from the session by learning about major options and admission criteria. Read More
August 23, 2019 High School Students Make a Splash in the Annual Swimming Gala

The Strawberry Fields High School Swimming Gala 2019, was declared open on Tuesday 20 August, with the oath by the Sports Captains, Divij Singh and Nikhita Krishan. This was followed by the opening ceremony, where the High School cheerleading group gave an invigorating Zumba performance which energised and enthused the audience and participants alike.

The gala festivities paved way for the participants to showcase their talents.The events included: 25 metre and 50 metre freestyle and 25 metre and 50 metre breaststroke. The audience was impressed with the hard work of the participants and the house spirit and cheer was evident. The first position of the Boys’ Relay was bagged by Terra house. This was followed by Elmaa house in the second position, and in third place was house Aether.

The Girls’ Relay winners were as follows - House Aether at the first position, Agni house in second place, and Elmaa house in third place.

This was followed by a fun event, Water Polo wherein Terra house walked away with the first prize.

The Swimming Gala 2019 was indeed a success, as the participantsand the spectators had a splendid time with much fervour and bonhomie.

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August 20, 2019 Hamaari Kaksha Session by Class 10

As part of the an ongoing SUPW and Community Service initiative of the school, all students of Grade 10 reached out to the NGO, 'Hamaari Kaksha' and volunteered to teach the students from a less privileged background the basics of English Grammar. The students visit the 'Hamari Kaksha' premises at Sector 7 on a weekly basis.

Here, they recently initiated a plan to teach concepts like Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs etc with an emphasis to improve the English speaking skills of the young learners through activities, worksheets, games and stories. Our children diligently planned various activities and enjoyed making a variety of props to enhance the lessons. They divided the 'Hamari Kaksha' children into different learning groups and encouraged them to share their views and actively participate in all activities. It was a unique opportunity for our children to realise that education can be used as a tool to bring about social change.

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August 20, 2019 CISCE Regional Basketball Win 2019-2020

The Strawberry Fields High School U-14 Basketball Girls team participated in the CISCE Northern Region Basketball Tournament 2019-2020 held at Adarsh School, Karnal on 16 and 17 August 2019.

The U-14 Girls team, Heeya Bedi, Meher Duggal, Nanaki Bains, Ameera Boparai, Ananya Jain, Rajni, Mannat Dhir, Rishaaya Kakkar, Aarshi Goyal, Hazel Garg, Mandira Datta and Gurnoor Bedi, played brilliantly and were appreciated by all the other participating teams.

The 1st match was played against the team from GIPS, Moga which the girls won 23-0.

The 2nd match of the tournament was played against the team from Shikshant School, Delhi which the team won 22-19.

The final match was played against the team from Amritsar which our team won 17-6, thus, securing the Winners’ position. The team was awarded gold medals for their win.

Way to go Girls!

Eight players have been chosen to represent the Northern region in the CISCE National Basketball Tournament scheduled for 22-27 September 2019 at Tutikorin, Tamil Nadu. The names are – Nanaki Bains, Ameera Boparai, Ananya Jain, Rajni, Mannat Dhir, Hazel Garg, Mandira Datta and Gurnoor Bedi.

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August 20, 2019 Swimming Gala – Middle School

The sun shone bright as the children of Middle School, got ready to showcase their swimming skills in the SFHS Annual Swimming Gala –2019 which was held on 13th August. The Inter-House contest saw the participants compete in 25m freestyle, 50m freestyle, 25m breaststroke 25m backstroke and relay events on a day full of enthusiasm.

The atmosphere was highly charged with the audience cheering gleefully for members of their respective houses and breaking into spontaneous applause for all the winning participants. They were encouraged by their respective house prefects, captains and the audience.

The relay was won by the Agni House in the girl’s category and the Terra House in the boy’s category. It was an exciting event, where children were awarded medals for winning in their respective categories. Apart from winning, the event also led to inculcating team spirit, instilling the virtues of perseverance, as well as, sportsmanship.

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August 19, 2019 Hamari Kaksha session by Class 10B The students recited a poem focusing on superlative and comparative adjectives. This was followed by a question answer session and a fun activity. Read More
August 15, 2019 Independence Day Celebrations 2019 73 years ago, with the eyes of the world upon us, India reinvented herself. Starting out with clarity of purpose towards the future, our country declared in a unified voice that we are one! It wasn’t our distant ancestors, far removed by the eons in time, but our own grandfathers and great grandfathers that gave up everything so that we may live our lives free and independent.On the occasion of Independence Day, Mr. Mayank Vaishnav, of the department of Hindi, took a page out of history and shared a few snippets from the remarkable legacy of Shri Durga Das Khanna, after whom the Foundation was named and established in 1991. Born in 1908 into an affluent family, he gave scant regard to material comforts and instead threw in his lot with the freedom struggle along with his peers and close friends, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. Well educated, a voracious reader and an intellectual, he was counted amongst the biggest adversaries to the British Empire in the pre-partition state of Panjab, and was also confined to jail for his role in the freedom movement. In the years after independence, Shri Durga Das Khanna continued to work tirelessly for the downtrodden and underprivileged sections of society, aided and later emulated by his grandson, Atul Khanna, Director of the Durga Das Foundation.The Student Council and the entire staff, assembled for the flag hoisting ceremony by the Director and the School Captain, Arsheya Kang, which was followed by the National Anthem. Vijayant Chaudhary, a student of Class 9 recited a beautiful, self-composed poem on the occasion which was greatly appreciated by everybody. Read More
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