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May 8, 2019 From the Director’s desk…

We can feel the sense of trepidation each child and his/her parent feels when results are due. For us, every child remains a winner having gone through the stress and pressure of our examination system. Results are also inevitably a time for us to be humbled as we see students outdo themselves. I for one, could never have got the kind of scores these students unfailingly get. Congratulations to the toppers and front runners and all those who worked hard and survived the pressure. Our good wishes to them as they step into the world that awaits them.

Atul Khanna

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May 7, 2019 ICSE – Roll of Honour
The outstanding result of Class 10 in the ICSE Board Examination 2019 has once again made us proud of our brilliant scholars. Their resounding success, based on steadfast perseverance and commitment to hard work, is also a huge tribute to their tireless educators. With a never before remarkable 48% number of students achieving more than 90% aggregate, the results are indeed gratifying.
Pavit Singh has received the top rank with 98.4%, followed by Thwisha Gupta and Siddharth Chawla sharing the second rank in our school with 96.8%. The third rank is shared by Arhaan Aggarwal, Nehchal Kaur and Siya Ahuja with 96.6%.
The class average of 93% by the cohort is a stupendous achievement of the students.
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May 6, 2019 SFHS elects its School Captain
The Newton Hall at SFHS, witnessed today, the most awaited and thrilling event of the year — the final speeches of the contenders for the keenly contested School Captainship for 2019-20. Asav Kumar and Arsheya Kang, students of IBDP Year 2 and the ISC Class 12, and well matched candidates, transfixed their fellow students from Grades 9-12 with their words and manifestos for candidacy.
While, Arsheya, who prefers to be known for her work more than anything else, is a well-grounded individual who has demonstrated tenacity and consistent dedication to her goals, Asav has tasted success both academically and in the sports field, being an ace sportsman and a student of great caliber.
In the truest form of democratic elections, their inspiring oration was followed by a secret ballot voting by all students of the High School, for their candidate of choice. And finally, Strawberry Fields made its choice, in favour of Arsheya Kang as School Captain!
We wish Arsheya a successful tenure and hope she is able to take her dreams and that of the school forward. We also look forward to Asav’s support within the school fraternity and commend him for the tough competition that he provided in the final round of challenge.
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