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August 14, 2019 The World’s Largest Lesson conducted by AIESEC volunteers The World’s Largest Lesson conducted by AISEC on August 9, caught the interest of many students of classes 11 and 12 as they volunteered to teach their juniors from grades 2 to 9 on world problems ranging from eradication of hunger to gender equality and introduced them to the 17 sustainable development goals that AISEC aims to achieve by 2030.The sessions saw the participation of a group of rather enthusiastic volunteers and an even more promising set of learners who engaged on a level quite beyond their level of traditional understanding. In the end of this year’s SFHS world’s largest lesson, students were made to write three things they would implement to help AISEC attain said goals and without hesitation anyone can say that the session was a huge success.By Vani Jain Read More
August 14, 2019 Visit by Michigan State University, University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, Indiana University – Bloomington, and University of Nebraska – Lincoln Students of Grades 10, 11 and 12, including the IBDP,were addressed by representatives of the Michigan State University, University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, Indiana University – Bloomington, and University of Nebraska – Lincoln today. The hour-long interaction included a 30-minute presentation that highlighted best application practices and also offered advice for pursuing non-traditional majors, as well as, encouraging students to find the perfect fitby exploring multiple majors. The presentation was followed by one-on-one sessions with keen students looking for answers pertaining to the college experience in the US. Since several of our students have previously received offers from these universities, the session offered valuable advice and proven strategies for prospective students as well. Read More
August 10, 2019 Wordsmiths 2019 Concludes to a Splendid Performance Day two of Wordsmiths 2019 began on a compelling note as the young students from across 16 esteemed schools of the region took part in the Radio Newscast, Extemporaneous Speaking and the Round 2 of the After Dinner Speaking and Dramatic interpretation, leaving the audience enthralled with their fitting display of emotion and dramatisation.Students were tested on their ability to think on the spot and knowledge on current affairs during the Extemporaneous Speaking Event. The young speakers deliberated on topics ranging from international terrorism to the emerging trend of online cab services, from climate change to politics.The two day public speaking extravaganza was brought to end by a mime performance staged by the students of the school focusing on the ever growing menace of mobile phones in our lives.The first prize in the Extemporaneous Speaking Category was bagged by Sahib Sharma from the Learning Paths School. The second prize was awarded to Shivansh of Sunbeam School,Varanasi while the third spot was shared by Mitul Kaul of Vivek High School and Paavna Pannu of Strawberry Fields High School.The first prize in the After Dinner Speaking event was secured by Moksha Sharma of St. Kabir while the second prize was awarded to Advika Sinha of St.Stephens. At the third place was Aramya Jaiswal of Sacred Heart.For the Dramatic Interpretation category, the first position was held by Mansirat Kaur of Sacred Souls School. The second position by Ekeesha of Vivek High and the third position by Vedant Vasudeva of Shemrock School.In the Radio Newscast event the first prize was bagged by Ahaan Jain and Paavna Pannu of Strawberry Fields High School, at the second position were Harapriya and Harshita of Sacred Heart School. The third spot was awarded to Mitul Kaul and Harshit Singh of Vivek High.The winning trophy for the Best Overall Performance for this year went to Vivek High School, Chandigarh. The literary and public speaking event saw some riveting performances and many promising orators. And with the feedback from our eminent panel of judges we look ahead to another round of hard hitting performers next year.By Paavna Pannu Read More
August 9, 2019 Wordsmiths 2019 – Day 1 Wordsmiths 2019 commenced with extremely enthusiastic participants bubbling with anticipation about the plethora of activities planned for the two consecutive days. The literary gala witnessed participation from over sixteen renowned educational institutes spread over the northern circuit. The contestants shall be vying for top positions under the avant-garde categories of Dramatic Interpretation, Extempore, After Dinner Speaking and Radio Newscast. The opening day of this public speaking extravaganza initiated the contest with the preliminary rounds of dramatic interpretation and after dinner speaking.The Newton Hall came to life with the mellifluous renditions by the school band headed by Mr. David Lal and Mr.Prateik David Lal. The young vocalists astonished the audience with their melodious voices while the musicians left the audience in awe with the expertise each one of them displayed with their respective instruments.The participants for Dramatic interpretation transported the audience back into time with excerpts from the classic Julius Caesar and modern day topics like court trials and murder mysteries. On the other hand, performers for the after dinner speaking left the esteemed adjudicators astounded at their wit, humour and grasp over the language. The performances were very well researched and extremely engagingly delivered. Day 1 culminated with both participants and audience asking for more.

by Khushi Kapoor

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August 9, 2019 Diploma Student Develops Innovative App for Instant Advice to Diabetics

Adavya Bhutani, a student of Strawberry Fields High School, studying the IB Diploma Programme has developed a unique app that comes as a relief to patients suffering from diabetes. GlucoDoc- Mobile based platform that enables patients who suffer from diabetes to get instantaneous feedback on abnormal blood sugar levels from their treating doctor. It replaces the need for traditional hospital visits and facilitates faster communication that can be the turning point in case of emergencies. The app also lets patients securely save their active medications and blood sugar reports. The app is currently launched in India on the google play store and has 100+ users.

The plan going forward is to get feedback from the users and use that in conjunction with other engagement metrics to improve the app.Furthermore, Adavya is also looking into developing an AI algorithm and assigning a severity index to every report to reduce the latency even more. Additionally, new features such as medication reminders and weekly doctor tips coupled with interface and design improvements like displaying past glucose reports in a timeline could be the key to attracting more users and doctors on the platform.

He further added, when he saw the patients facing complications in monitoring their blood sugar level on regular basis, inspired him to design the app to assist the patients and the physicians. According to WHO, 69.2 million people in India suffer from diabetes which is the highest across the world, and this number is expected to reach 98 million by 2030. Patients need careful and frequent monitoring of blood sugar levels and almost always require immediate change to medications and diet to prevent any complications. When he realized that a lot of people were stressed out and taking inappropriate doses because of not being able to connect with the doctor right away, he decided to work on an application that could potentially bridge this gap and be more convenient to use

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August 8, 2019 Sharad Vivek Sagar speaks from the heart at SFHS Students at SFHS were treated to a highly engaging and emotionally charged talk by Sharad Vivek Sagar, the Founder and CEO of Dexterity Global, an organisation committed to powering the next generation of leaders through educational opportunities. Rising from humble beginnings, he is charting a trailblazing path in the field of education and public service, earning many accolades, felicitations and awards and inspiring a generation.Listed on the global Forbes 30 under 30 List, inducted in the list of 100 Next Century Innovators by the Rockefeller Foundation, invited by the Nobel Peace Centre to the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony, included in the “Queen’s Young Leaders” and dubbed “the Vivekananda of 21st Century” by the media, Sharad voices the dreams and aspirations of countless young people across the globe as they aim to scale the pinnacle of success on the sheer merit of hard work, perseverance and dedication.Sharad, an Indian youth icon and a 21st century leader, insisted that he was not a motivational speaker, yet his words and his down to earth style connected instantly with the students as he spoke at length about myriad topics from making impactful choices in life to preparing for leadership roles. The young audience were eager to seek his views on several perceptive queries ranging from his definition of success or failure, to the question of whether leaders are born or created. He transfixed his listeners with the story of his transition from being an observer and participant, to, an influencer and motivator.Powering his vision of creating a 21st century leadership to face 21st century challenges, he has spoken globally and been invited to some of the world’s most prestigious and influential institutions. His work connects millions of students in India with educational opportunities and his organisation has enabled young students to secure over 40 crores rupees in scholarships from institutions around the world.Swami Atmajna Nanda ji, Secretary of the Ramakrishna Mission, instrumental in bringing Sharad to the city, was also a guest at the event and exhorted the students to rise to the opportunity to work for the global community with dedication and passion, as epitomised by Sharad Sagar. Read More
August 7, 2019 English – Bangle Sellers Activity Class 5 English classrooms transformed into a market when the students were grouped together for the ‘Bangle Activity’. They became ‘The Bangle Sellers’ and wrote a couplet to sell their bangles. The students also put their creativity to use and produced some beautiful cards to be displayed on the class soft board. Read More
August 7, 2019 Sarthak IT fest

Jyotiraditya Dayal of Class 8, Saarisht Naveen Kalra of Class 9 and Sashiv Bhatia of class 10 represented school in Sarthak I.T Fest held at St. Stephen's School, Chandigarh on 2nd August 2019 and won the first position in Java Programming.

Congratulations to the tech enthusiasts!

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August 7, 2019 RBI Educational Visit
The Economics students of grades 10 and 12 visited the Regoinal Branch of the Reserve Bank of India at Chandigarh on Tuesday 6 August 2019. As per schedule the RBI Regional Director Ms Rachna Dikshit and Sh. NJ Nampoothiri, General Manager RBI welcomed our students and educators at the Human Resource Management Department. They appreciated the efforts of the school to provide such pertinent exposure to students, as such experiences would guide them about banking systems and procedures.
Later, an interactive session was conducted by the RBI Manager and the RBI Reseach Officer regarding the role and functions of the premiere bank, which helped the students to clear their doubts and queries about monetary policy of the RBI.
The students were also guided about the features of the Indian currency and the process of designing it.
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