Winner of the Social Media for Global Good Forum held by the Global Education Destinations Organisation

April 29, 2022

In a recent global forum titled “Social Media for Global Good Forum” held by the Global Education Destinations Organisation, a member of the Buddies Without Borders (BWB) club and a student of IBDP Year 2, Rushil Doger, won first place along with two teammates: Sofia Garcia Diez from Spain and Kingston Yu from Taiwan.

Rushil’s team claimed the top spot in the forum with their innovative solution for the agenda of the forum by creating an app. His team won an internship opportunity funded by Microsoft and Starbucks through Global Education Destinations. In the past, forum winners have been working with nations with a disturbed economy or an unstable national state and used the funds provided by the two sponsors to make significant local changes. Rushil will begin his internship in September while the opportunity prepares itself for him to work on and he is quite eagerly waiting after having seen the work of previous teenage interns.

Rushil on his experience in the forum:

“The forum was an absolute delight considering it was an opportunity to meet people from around the world and share our views with no barriers at all. It was a think- tank for teens where no views were barred and everyone’s effort was appreciated. It was surprising to see how motivated my team was. Everyone was extremely focused and so positively reinforcing that I never felt I was being undermined in the team effort or if I was doing too much work. Both of my teammates were happy to lead and be led, take on as much work as can be assigned as well as ask for help wherever needed. I learned the importance of team-work, acceptance of differences and effective communication. Working with people from different cultures and even listening to the ones belonging to other teams was eye-opening as everyone had a completely different view on an issue despite the fact that majority of our values were similar. It was as if we were as like-minded as mirror personalities but somehow different just as twins are. I am quite thankful for the opportunity and the experience which is not only to be cherished but also to be learned from.”

The Experience is the prize, or is it?

While we have heard many individuals speak out about how the experience in life is the prize, there is no harm in accepting a reward for some hard work done right.  Being the first forum winner from our school and the next BWB president succeeding Yuvraj Dhir, Rushil is sure to have some valuable grassroot experience up his sleeve. We are delighted to announce that the applications for the next forum will be open shortly and we encourage you to be a part of the BWB club and participate. The doors to the club are open once again, so do not miss the opportunity of holding future Local action projects like “Pink Week” in school and being a part of the platforms that uplift our communities.

For any queries regarding club and forum admissions contact: Yuvraj Dhir (club president) OR Rushil Doger

Strawberry Fields High School