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are self evolving, enthusiastic individuals. We provide them with a dynamic platform, encouraging them to imbibe innovative teaching techniques everyday so they in turn help evolve well rounded, compassionate students


teaching staff on campus


parents have turned into teachers in the past 12 years


special needs counsellors


of our support staff is as much a part of our educators as our teachers


teachers as support system

A student-centered model accepts that students have different learning styles and absorb information at different levels. They are open and receptive to various styles of learning, whether in groups or individually.

Educators at SFHS take on the role of a guide or facilitator for students’ learning experiences. They support, encourage, provide feedback, answer questions, ask questions, give suggestions, and pose challenges.

The Strawberry Fields High School has established an environment that encourages real learning, nurtures creativity and discovery, and celebrates different world-views. It has educators who facilitate meaningful learning and tap into each child’s abilities, shaping qualities and character to make them responsible and compassionate.

Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning Robert John Meehan
Manpreet Kaur English Educator
Rita Srivastava Hindi Educator
Deepinder Khara English Educator


conventional degrees, unique methods

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