Our Students

are readied to be global citizens, alive to a world of change and challenges. Our day is designed to encourage independent thinking and decision making


teachers and staff on campus


teachers-student ratio


special education needs children attending regular classes


active curriculum matters

Hands-on projects, engaging discussions, cross-curriculum connections, differentiation in the classroom and energising class schedules lead to happy students, better retention and easier migration to colleges and universities.



why are we proud of our children

the limelight shines (on everyone)

We recognise the achiever in every child, because awards can’t really capture a student’s invaluable individual traits. We celebrate every achievement, no feat is too small.

Our students are celebrated for their unique, self-directed initiatives or participating selflessly in another’s. These range from unusual personal creative endeavours (a book of poetry, for example) to one that affects citizens or takes up public causes. To make these happen without programming is the greatest award of all.

Akshit Chabbra has convinced 300 people to save lives by pledging their organs for donation.
Rehmat Swani, Muskaan Saxena, Nehmat Sandhu are social entrepreneurs for spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene among underprivileged girls, via the Triya Project.
Sejal Sud a student member of TIE Chandigarh Charter - leadership and entrepreneurship programme, helps propagate entrepreneurship among high school students.
Siddhant Sapra and Abhay Mohan successfully convinced the city administration to halt the demolition of the city’s beautiful and characteristic roundabouts.


middle school

The 3 Cs—complex problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity—are valued more in the real world than basic academic achievements. Our curriculum is geared to arm our students adequately to tackle these real life situations.

We give special attention to these difficult years (ages 10-14) of school life, giving students ample space and opportunity to explore, understand themselves and grow socially, physically and emotionally. During these formative years we don the role of facilitator, guide and mentor. The joint effort start bearing fruit as students support social causes, steer their passions and ambitions and turn into advocates, doers and thinkers.


international baccalaureate

IB has profound, long-lasting effects on students. It helps them develop critical thinking, analytical and writing skills and a broader world view. This is in perfect alignment with our goals for all students at Strawberry Fields, in readying students to be intelligent, sensitive participants in a world of challenge and change. In addition, students do better while at school and go on to achieve superior performance at college.


Strawberry Fields High School