Our Way

Every child differs in how they learn and grow. Knowing this, our educators adapt to meet the learning needs of students—drawing out their uniqueness and potential


teachers with advanced degrees


of our teachers are ICSE and ISC Examiners


staff members have been with us from the very beginning


Our curriculum and methodology is designed to sharpen thinking processes by building foundational skills. Students strive to enhance and apply their knowledge in a hands-on, meaningful way. This learning is not restricted to the classroom. It impacts the students’ environment, their societal interaction and builds responsibility and initiative. The curriculum emphasises the essential unity of knowledge, and promotes an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Facilities & Activities


nurturing lifelong learners

Learning how to learn is more important than the lessons on the blackboard and copious words in notebooks. Curiosity, critical thinking and an open mind are central to individual goals. Our school follows different methodologies that provoke a child’s imagination and curiosity.

Lifelong learners, learn to reflect on their learning. Along with using it to their benefit, they ask: how will society be affected by the decisions they take? These, with personal integrity, and responsibility make for the global citizen which is our primary goal. Here is how it pans out for different age groups.

secure and fun

From Kindergarten to Class 4, the physical and emotional well being of every child is the primary goal of every educator during these formative years. The aim is to make school a positively favoured activity for minds that are just being introduced to routine and discipline.

The methodology is based on developing language acquisition, sharpening numeracy skills and encouraging enquiry for science and creative arts. Engagement is everything, so that children make connections and develop confidence to deal with the structured system in the years that lie ahead.


preparing for taking flight

Classes 9 to 12 Students are reaching a level of learning and personal maturity. The goal is to counsel and support them as before, but with a  focus that now shifts to post-school outcomes.

These outcomes are both academic and non-academic, where professional goals and higher objectives of learning are considered. Aspiring sportspersons, entrepreneurs, writers and artists are guided and encouraged to pursue their passion with fervour.


career counselling

At SFHS, Career Counselling is more than just helping students decide which careers or subjects to choose. In keeping with the school’s prerogative of holistic development, the department works in synergy with the rest of the school to ensure that students experience various aspects of scholastic and campus life in order to make an informed decision for the future.



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