Outreach Programmes

At SFHS, we have found that students benefit greatly—both academically and emotionally—from volunteering their time to make the community and world a better place. That’s why all SFHS students start volunteering in fifth grade.

While completing community service projects, students develop real-world skills that will help them succeed in middle school, high school and beyond. They practice:

Collaboration with others
Time management

When students get involved in community service, they not only help others — they expand their worldview, develop empathy and leadership skills, and realise how their actions can have a positive impact. They also return to the classroom with learnings that they can share and further refine as they apply them to the real world, reinvigorating their passion for learning.

Hamari kaksha

Hamari Kaksha is a non-governmental organisation working in the field of ‘education for all’ since 2003. It is run by teachers and student volunteers and aims at providing quality education and enhancing personalities, values and skill sets of underprivileged children. Students of the school have been providing educational assistance to these underprivileged children via its community service initiative.

Alliances with Nanhi Jaan— Project Khushi & Daana Panni

Strawberry Fields High School is collaborating with the NGO, Nanhi Jaan, a project of the Veeranwali Foundation: Children Education And Health, under its Community Service programme, in an attempt to support underprivileged children in our immediate community.
Nanhi Jaan is a cause and effort dedicated to the well-being of marginalised children. The organization works to provide critical care equipment to PGIMER and other Government hospitals and also to provide medicines and consumables to the target group.

Project Khushi under the SFHS Community Service is an initiative in alliance with the Nanhi Jaan foundation that runs the Play Room at the Pediatric ICU, PGIMER, Chandigarh. Students under this project help the Playroom team at PGI to encourage and help children to recoup from the emotional trauma of being admitted in a hospital.

Project Daana Pani under the SFHS Community Service initiative in alliance with the Nanhi Jaan foundation offers community food services at the PGI serai.

Helping Hands

We at SFHS conscientiously follows the RTE Act and admits 25% students from the economically weaker sections of society. We constantly look at ways to strengthen our programmes and create a support system to facilitate the educational process of these students. We envision to create a truly inclusive and compassionate environment.

Towards this end, we have had the unstinted support of our parent community and alumni who has regularly stepped forward to meet challenges and provide direction in taking forward the agenda of creating equal opportunities for students including those from the economically weaker sections of society (EWS).

Our volunteers donate their time, knowledge and expertise in subjects free of cost, in an after school remedial programme called “Helping Hands”. This helps those lagging behind to meet their academic challenges and help them in matters of day-to-day education and classes.

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