SFHS MUN – Day 2

July 27, 2019

Taking the spirit forward from the previous day, the second day of the Strawberry Fields High School was charged with unmatched fervour and zeal. The School campus was swamped with the delegates from over 25 schools across the country representing diverse nations in this simulation of the United Nations conference.

Simulations of committees focused on various global issues today. The International Civil Aviation Organisation discussed the safety of civil aviation, while the General Assembly debated on nuclear disarmament. The Security Council deliberated on the recognition of Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, and in the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation, the protection of journalists and their freedom of speech was the main focus.

The productive morning committee sessions, of debate and deliberations, culminated in a comic yet meaningful theatrical presentation — “Kaise karenge ?”, starring Darsheel Safary.

It was a witty yet soul searching exploration of the universal theme and the resounding applause was testimony to its appeal among all age groups in the audience.

The second day ended on a positive note, emphasising the fact that something can be made out of any adverse scenario.

Strawberry Fields High School