Sharad Vivek Sagar speaks from the heart at SFHS

August 8, 2019

Students at SFHS were treated to a highly engaging and emotionally charged talk by Sharad Vivek Sagar, the Founder and CEO of Dexterity Global, an organisation committed to powering the next generation of leaders through educational opportunities. Rising from humble beginnings, he is charting a trailblazing path in the field of education and public service, earning many accolades, felicitations and awards and inspiring a generation.

Listed on the global Forbes 30 under 30 List, inducted in the list of 100 Next Century Innovators by the Rockefeller Foundation, invited by the Nobel Peace Centre to the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony, included in the “Queen’s Young Leaders” and dubbed “the Vivekananda of 21st Century” by the media, Sharad voices the dreams and aspirations of countless young people across the globe as they aim to scale the pinnacle of success on the sheer merit of hard work, perseverance and dedication.

Sharad, an Indian youth icon and a 21st century leader, insisted that he was not a motivational speaker, yet his words and his down to earth style connected instantly with the students as he spoke at length about myriad topics from making impactful choices in life to preparing for leadership roles. The young audience were eager to seek his views on several perceptive queries ranging from his definition of success or failure, to the question of whether leaders are born or created. He transfixed his listeners with the story of his transition from being an observer and participant, to, an influencer and motivator.

Powering his vision of creating a 21st century leadership to face 21st century challenges, he has spoken globally and been invited to some of the world’s most prestigious and influential institutions. His work connects millions of students in India with educational opportunities and his organisation has enabled young students to secure over 40 crores rupees in scholarships from institutions around the world.

Swami Atmajna Nanda ji, Secretary of the Ramakrishna Mission, instrumental in bringing Sharad to the city, was also a guest at the event and exhorted the students to rise to the opportunity to work for the global community with dedication and passion, as epitomised by Sharad Sagar.

Strawberry Fields High School