Shiladhar 2022

May 26, 2022

The fifth edition of “Shiladhar”, the much awaited Annual Literary Inter House Recitation Competition organized by the Hindi Department took place on 18th May 2022. The students of Grades 9, 10, 12 put up a spectacular show. Different literary genres like ‘Hasya Kavita,’ ‘Mukt Kavita,’ and ‘Kahani Vachhaan’ were delved into.

It was an engaging event that left the audience questioning and pondering over the powerful points put across in all the speeches. This platform truly served as a place where students were able to freely voice their opinions and express their views in the form of beautiful literary pieces. The conviction with which the pieces were spoken and delivered was heartwarming. The awards were then announced by the prestigious judges consisting of- Ms. Rita Srivastava, Ms. Maadhvi Bali and Ms. Poonam Gangwal The winners in each category are:

In Class 9 Aarav Gupta secured the 1st position, Sohail Ahmed secured the second position.

In Class 10 Ashraj Singh secured the 1st position, Rubab Khatra secured the second position.

In Class 12 Vijyant Chaudhary and Kudrat Khosla secured the 1st position, Tanya Gupta secured the second position.

In conclusion, the event was extremely well organised and symbolised the unity of the student body which was successful in holding this flawless event.

All the presenters and participants did a brilliant job, delivering their lines with clarity and conviction. Some words plucked at our heart strings; some brought a lump to the throat while others made us laugh at life’s absurdities. And through it all the one common thread was the exploration of Hindi in its most distilled form which had the listeners yearning for more.

Strawberry Fields High School