Stand Up Comedy by High School Students

July 2, 2022

“To celebrate World Laughter day, comedy enthusiasts from grades 9, 10 and 12 put together an event called “School, Study and Stand up”. The show kicked off with a skit about the Merchant of Venice being recreated in modern times featuring Osheen Singh, Kushal Vir Singh, Rishi Singh Panwar, Darsh Singh Lobana and Annika Singh.

The audience’s enthusiasm saw an uplift with Aarav Gupta from grade 9 narrating hilarious incidents about coming back to school after the pandemic. The burgeoning euphoria peaked with grade 10’s Zorawar Singh’s act about his family that left the audience in splits. Vikrant Balasaria from grade 12 followed this with a creative act full of memes and references to his native land, West Bengal.

Hardik Sharma from grade 12 and Nischay Rao from grade 10 ended the show with their highly creative and spell binding act on the oft dreaded subject of mathematics and more.”

Strawberry Fields High School