Teachers’ Day Celebrations

September 8, 2019

It was definitely a Teachers’ Day out and they all stepped out in style for a sumptuous lunch today.

Hosted by the Director, Atul Khanna and his other half, Sonali, the afternoon had around 200 teachers and members of the staff from the High School and the kindergarten at the Ball Room of The Oberoi’s Sukhvilas.

It was hard to resist the lively music churned out by the School’s music educators and the very talented father-son duo, David and Prateik Lal, and the teachers wasting no time in letting down their hair and dancing to their hearts’ content.

Expressing his gratitude and wishing everyone on their special day, Atul Khanna said in a touching message that this very unique and special tribe of educators have taken on the responsibility of nurturing young minds and preparing them not just for academics but for life’s most complex and challenging lessons.

Each member of the staff was made to feel truly special and valued, which is what makes Strawberry Fields such a happy and joyous place to be in!

Strawberry Fields High School