The Language Café

May 23, 2023

Language serves as a bridge, connecting individuals from diverse cultures and nations, facilitating comprehension, and promoting solidarity. The Language Café event offers a platform for students to showcase their language skills and engage in healthy competition while rejoicing in the richness of various languages and cultures. The IBDP Language team successfully organized an inter-house event on 11 May 2023 at SFHS in Chandigarh. The event
featured three key competitions: creating advertisements and cartoons representing global issues and retelling
classic fairy tales with a modern twist to suit contemporary audiences. Students from the Aether, El Maa, Agni, and Terra houses delivered captivating performances with their innovative ideas, leaving the audience mesmerized.

In the first event, students were tasked with representing a global issue through a cartoon strip and expressing their
perspectives on the matter. The second event required students to create an advertisement that highlighted a specific
global issue of their choice. Finally, event three challenged students to use at least two languages to modify classic tales by tweaking characters and plots to give the audience a surprising twist. Each house was given a set of classical
cartoon strips and instructed to convey their unique perspective on an important global issue using their creative abilities. The students effectively delivered their creative ideas and message through all three events. The event aimed to promote the integration of language, art, and creative thinking skills, while also raising awareness of pressing social issues in the school community.


Strawberry Fields High School