TOK Collaborative Session

August 30, 2021

Theory of Knowledge is one of the core subjects of the IB Diploma Program which aims to develop students’ critical thinking. In order to enhance students’ learning, the TOK collaborative session was organised on 28th August, Saturday from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm in collaboration with Citahati Christian Senior School Surabaya, Indonesia and Nahar International School, Mumbai. The students and educators from three schools participated in the session. The collaborative session was based on the TOK key concept “Culture” and the core theme “Knowledge and the Knower”.

The session was initiated by the TOK educators and Diploma Coordinators, followed by an introductory session by the students from each school. The introduction included information about the school, culture, and customs of their community.  After the brief introduction and guidelines about the session, students were sent to the breakout rooms for discussion on different Knowledge questions and critical situations assigned to them. After the discussion for one hour, students from each group presented their perspectives on the topics assigned. The presentation by the students gave a glimpse of different communities of knowers and how each culture accepts and integrates new knowledge in their community differently. Overall, the session was highly informative and interactive which gave students a chance to share their viewpoints and perspectives with the knowers from different communities.

The session ended with a vote of thanks from each school and a note of appreciation from the participants and audience.

Strawberry Fields High School