Career Counselling

Cognizant of the fact that intellectual and self-discovery can happen anywhere and anytime, the department organises multi-faceted events to facilitate students through their academic journeys. Beginning as early as Grade 8, which is a crucial transition year between high and middle school, both parents and students are made aware of the importance of being more conscious of career-oriented experiences. From Grades 9 to 12, students are inducted into a formal Career Counseling programme, which is supported by BridgeU, a comprehensive college and career counseling software that the school has subscribed to.

Through regular individual appointments to small group activities in the classroom, students are initiated on an introspective journey. Their theoretical understanding of careers is reinforced by profile building activities, such as, a formal summer internship and job-shadowing programme, support with summer school selection and customised extracurricular activities.

For students in Grades 11 and 12, the focus shifts more towards preparation for tertiary education, including support with college selection and application. Furthermore, the school hosts two major Career Fairs each academic year, with smaller college interactions taking place almost every two months. In fact, the most recent College Fair in October 2018 witnessed participation of over 55 national and international universities. The school was also a proud host to the IC3 (International Career and College Counselling Conference) Regional Forum in 2018 and looks forward to hosting it again in May 2019.

Finally, through its endeavours, the Career Counseling department strives to educate and prepare students and parents as early as possible about careers which are going to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Strawberry Fields High School