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A collaborative learning is a process where students work in groups on inquiry based tasks that require high order thinking and problem solving skills. Students work collaboratively and Knowledge is jointly constructed by students in collaborative groups. The educator helps students develop motivation towards interaction in the well planned collaborative process.

Strawberry Fields High School led an interdisciplinary English session with Economics and Visual Art on 18 April, 2020 in collaboration with 40 IB schools from India and abroad. The session was focused on the importance of ATL skills, Learner Profile attributes, TOK and interdisciplinary links in the teaching and learning process. The participants including students and educators from various IB schools participated in the activities conducted during the session and shared insightful ideas using padlet links. The differentiation strategieswere shared and discussed through various tasks during the session, such as padlet graphic representation,choice board, think pair share, mind map, mini collaborative tasks, Mini task 3 min presentations, exit ticket padlet, concepts, field of inquiry and area of exploration cards based tasks and reflections.

Collaborative tasks and groups are structured so that teams of students must rely on one another to share resources (e.g., materials, knowledge, experience, insight, and skills) and communicate with each other in order to complete a task and arrive at a consensus best achieved with equitable participation of all participants collaboratively. This was the main motif of the session.

Overall the session was well appreciated by all and resources created during the session were shared with the participants.

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