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August 9, 2020 Model United Nations Conference 2020

Courage and resilience are the most relevant’ personal attributes in today’s world, said General V.P. Malik while delivering the keynote address at the much-anticipated, novel online edition of the Strawberry Fields High School Model United Nations Conference, which began this morning. Stressing on the quality of leadership, which percolates down to the lowest rung of any organisation, he said that the youth must understand that courage requires doing the right thing and taking hard decisions without fear of adverse consequences. Providing deep insight into the dynamics of India’s past and current relations with its neighbours, along with all the undercurrents, General Malik was candid and forthright as he engaged and participated in an interactive question and answer session. The session was moderated by Zorawar Singh, an alumnus of the School. To the delight of the attendees, Dr. Ranjana Malik added a unique perspective to the deliberations, as she shared her own experiences of being a doctor and an army wife.

The day progressed with impassioned debates, skillfully conducted during the different committee sessions. The International Labour Organisation deliberated upon the measures being taken to aid the domestic and international labour force during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, while the delegates of the United Nations Children’s Fund addressed the problems of sexual exploitation and forced marriages of children in Yemen. The Economic and Social Council aimed to tackle the greatest global economic slowdown since the Great Depression caused by the current pandemic and the Citizens’ Dialogue of the US that tackled the issue of systemic racism and police brutality.

The conference is being attended by around 200 delegates from prestigious schools like Sanskriti and Shri Ram from Delhi, Cathedral and John Connon, Mumbai, La Martiniere College, Lucknow and the Indian High School, Dubai, among several others. The challenging and intellectually stimulating exchange of views began with speeches given by the members of the Secretariat. The sessions saw a fervent and impassioned debate which left each delegate enthused to present well-articulated arguments to put forth their points of view.

Sonam Kalra, renowned Sufi singer and multiple award-winning musician, will be performing during the closing ceremony, this evening, which will also feature an online prize distribution at the end of the two-day event.

Atul Khanna, Director of the Durga Das Foundation and Chief Mentor of the School said, “This year has been unprecedented in so many ways. The physical and social distancing measures cut across all aspects of our lives and the education field experienced a period of uncertainty and tumultuous change. Nonetheless, the annual MUN is being held. The level of enthusiasm, participation, dialogue and content remains unwavering. That is the biggest lesson and the most motivating one. Much credit to the students, teachers, invitees and the MUN community for keeping the flag high and enthusing all of us with hope.”

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July 27, 2020 Star Performer at ’Synapse’ – the inter school online Science event

Ishita Groverr of Class-9 represented school in the online inter-school science event, SYNAPSE organised by Vasant Valley School, New Delhi on 25th July 2020 and won the first position in the Panel Discussion.  The topic for discussion was Assessment of “Internet of Things (IoT) Risks vs Ease”.  “The Internet of Things” is a more advanced form of technology in which digital devices can connect and communicate with each other and are receptive to their surroundings, thus, their ability to perform functions is not just restricted to what is instructed to them, instead, they can function independently and smartly. They do not require direct human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

For the panel discussion students were divided into groups of around three to four each and a panel was formed.  Each panel comprised of students from different schools, thinking and collaborating with each other.  They were allotted around 25 minutes for the same.  Each panel was given liberty to plan the discussion the way they would like to present it, keeping in mind the upper time limit of around fifteen minutes for the final show.  Assessment was based on individual and group parameters like scientific content conveyed, oratory skills, creative thinking and presentation, consensus reached as a group and overall effectiveness.

We are proud of the performance that Ishita delivered at the event.

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