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August 17, 2021 GROUP 4 PROJECT PRESENTATION Students of IB DP Year 2 presented their insights on the Group 4 Project to parents and students of the high school. The Group 4 project is a collaborative interdisciplinary task where students from different Group 4 subjects participate and work on a chosen scientific topic. The theme of the project was Covid-19, where different groups worked on various research questions. The findings highlighted the correlation of Vitamin-D with Covid-19; the impact of Covid-19 on the disposal and management of biomedical waste and the role of AI (artificial intelligence) and ARV’s (antiretrovirals) in combating the pandemic. Most of the students attended the session offline, while few of them viewed it online. The project bolstered the students to develop collaborative and social skills while working together to solve common problems. Read More
August 17, 2021 Student Council 2021-22 Strawberry Fields High School is proud to announce the Student Council 2021-22 Read More
August 15, 2021 THE INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS With the Covid-19 pandemic looming large, the 75th Independence Day celebrations at Strawberry Fields High School went the digital way, letting their patriotic spirits soar high like never before, the staff and students took the e-media route, setting an example that no kind of obstacle can stop them from paying tributes to their nation.The event commenced sharp at 9:00 a.m. with a flag hoisting ceremony by the Director of the school, Mr. Atul Khanna, followed by the National Anthem. An inspiring speech from the Director’s desk was delivered thenceforth, in which he wished everyone a happier and healthier time ahead and urged the entire SFHS community to continue to put their heads together and keep refining their strategies and action plans to make our institution more robust and devoid of any element that restricts the freedom of an individual. The beauty of the occasion was enhanced by the melodious performance of the School Choir and the poetic verses recited by the children.The celebrations came to an end with the rendition of some patriotic numbers by the school’s Music Faculty. Their soul touching singing enthralled the listeners and had them humming along. Read More
July 26, 2021 SFHS MUN 2021 Draws the Curtains Down
The SFHS MUN 2021 culminated today with the Closing Ceremony that witnessed actor and philanthropist, Mr. Sonu Sood along with Ms. Sweta Singh, executive editor and journalist at Aaj Tak, engaged in an interactive discussion that was moderated by Aanya Malik of our school.Mr. Sood spoke about his humanitarian work during the pandemic and how he slowly built a community of volunteers, all of whom were connected by their desire to help the world become a better place.“I don’t think twice about calling someone I don’t know, to help someone unknown ”, replied Mr Sood, when he was asked how he manages to provide medical resources, food and aid, even in the most difficult of situations.He encouraged all those who were present, to actively take on roles to help others, in any way possible.Ms. Sweta Singh talked about her experiences and learnings from being a veteran in the field of journalism for nearly two decades now.“Never walk the path that has already been walked”, she said, while giving advice to the young audience members who wished to pursue a career in reporting and journalism.These two stalwarts in their own professions exemplified the many roles and opportunities that we can as a community collaborate to make a difference.The three day Model United Nations Conference with its over 270 delegates from across the country and an extremely capable Executive Board proved to be a meaningful platform for all. With an array of agendas and resolutions that were passed during the course of the event the participants engaged and debated freely on the virtual platform.The Shriram School Moulsari won the award for Best School Delegation.Overall, the event was a resounding success that promises to pave the way forward for our young, future change makers.
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July 24, 2021 Harish Salve delivers keynote address at Strawberry Fields MUN Conference 2021

The much-awaited, eighth edition of the Strawberry Fields High School Model United Nations Conference 2021 opened last evening on a virtual platform with an inspiring address by celebrated lawyer Harish Salve.

He expressed his great appreciation of the visible involvement of the young generation in global events and issues. His advice to the young ambassadors was to be aware of and familiar with world events but to also remember to 'have fun'. Global friendships and animosities are transient in nature, he opined, and threat perception too changes with time. The greatest institution Mr Salve remarked, is 'the living of life' and this in itself has the propensity to be remorseless. The human spirit, he stressed, should remain buoyant, empathetic, discerning, and self-aware but not self-serving. His parting words to the delegates were so relevant for today's times - to use the vast resources that technology offers and seek solutions to abstract problems, not in isolation but in collaboration. The legal luminary called for seeking authenticity while looking out for the well-being of fellow citizens.

Spearheaded by the School’s grade 12 students, Aadya Batra and Aanya Malik, the conference promises to be a thought-provoking and action-packed event with intellectually stimulating and challenging discussions. It celebrates the coming together of unique minds and a variety of perspectives.

280 delegates from across India with 53 schools are participating, with the likes of Cathedral and John Connon School, the Sanskriti School, Shriram Schools, Pathways School, La Martiniere College, the Lawrence School, Sanawar, the Scindia School and Mayo College among others.

Renowned actor and philanthropist, Sonu Sood, and more recently headlined for his humanitarian work during the Covid-19 pandemic will be in discussions with the students in the exciting events planned at the virtual conference.

The MUN will be held over three days, from July 23rd to the 25th.

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July 24, 2021 ICSE Board Exam 2021 Results ICSE 2021 (Class 10) Top RankersStrawberry Fields High School, Sector 26, ChandigarhClass 10 ICSE Board Exam 2021 results have once again made us proud of our brilliant performers who have displayed their talent, hard work and commitment along with that of their educators. With a never before remarkable 68% of students achieving more than 90% aggregate, the results are indeed inspiring. Our heartiest congratulations to the students for their industry and tenacity. Read More
July 24, 2021 ISC Board Exam 2021 Results ISC 2021 (Class 12) Top RankersStrawberry Fields High School, Sector 26, ChandigarhThe Class 12 ISC results for 2020-21 have been exciting and heartening. A phenomenal 61% of our ISC students have scored above 90% aggregate. Our student, Tanya Bahl of the Humanities Stream is our school topper with an astounding 98.75%. The Humanities top ranker in the 2nd position is Gurmehar Kaur Grewal with 97.75%. In the 3 rd position is Sanjna Bhan with 97%.Preena Kaur Dhaliwal of the Medical Stream is the school topper having achieved a fantastic 93.50%. In the 2nd position is Amitoj Singh Sachdeva with 93.25% and in the 3rd position Aryan Chopra with 92.50%.The Non Medical School top rankers are Ria Juneja with 96% followed by Arhaan Aggarwal with a score of 95.50% in the 2nd position, and in the 3rd position is Rehmat Swani with 94.5%.The top rankers in the Commerce stream of the School are Siya Ahuja with 98%, Damanpreet Singh Lobana and Kriti Khanna in the 2nd and 3rd position with 97.50% and 97% respectively.Our heartiest congratulations to all the students for their consistency and diligence through their years at school. Read More
July 22, 2021 SESSION ON THE IB LEARNER PROFILE AND APPROACHES TO LEARNING (ATL) Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills session for Year 1 parents was successfully conducted on 16 th July, 2022 by IB educators to help the audience discover and understand the explicit strategies being used by the educators to strengthen the Learner Profile attributes.The IB Learner Profile traits promote the development of the whole child to become a lifelong learner and responsible citizen, while the ATLs are deliberate strategies, skills and attitudes that are woven throughout the IB continuum and aim to improve the quality of teaching and learning across the IB Diploma Programme. Overall, the session was enlightening and skills were clearly elaborated using real examples reflectingApproaches to Learning through class tasks across disciplines. At the end of the session, parents were asked to give their suggestions for appropriate tasks that would enhance student engagement and understanding. Read More
July 22, 2021 Model United Nations Conference 2021 We are happy to inform that we have the honour of hosting for the eighth consecutive year, the SFHS Model United Nations Conference 2021, a three-day event, from July 23 to 25. This event is patterned along the lines of the United Nations. It is a simulated enactment of the many UN Committees wherein experts are invited to deliberate, present, share and exchange their views. The event concludes with the presentation of recommendations and a roadmap with a way forward. Around 275 students from prominent schools in the country shall be participating in our upcoming online edition of the SFHS MUN 2021 Read More
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