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July 13, 2021 Swinging her way to ‘Glory’ Ashira Singh Sandhu, a student of class VIII, with her incomparable spirit and commendable discipline in the game of Golf brought laurels to the school, by winning The Junior Tee Box Golf Tournament held at the Chandigarh Golf Club on 11th July, 2021 in the Category C (Girls).We are proud of your achievement Ashira. Best of luck for the future endeavours! Read More
July 8, 2021 SFHS IB Diploma Programme May 2021 Session Results Strawberry Fields High School is proud to announce the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Examination Results of the Top Scorers for the Cohort of 2021.Our third cohort of IB DP students has achieved the school's highest average result of 36 points (against a worldwide average of 33 points). Heartiest congratulations to our young graduates as they embark upon an exciting journey as changemakers of a new tomorrow.Rayhaan Lehal - 42 pointsManan Kansil - 39 pointsSaumya Lamba - 39 pointsManreet Kaur - 37 pointsManan Gadhia - 37 pointsAngadbir Khurana - 37 points  Read More
June 19, 2021 CHECK MATE With his sharp cognitive skills and acumen, Amey Goyal, a student of class VII secured 1st position in U-14 category and 3rd position in U-16 category of The State Chess Competition held online in the first week of June. Amey is currently competing online for the National Chess Competition, results for which will be announced soon.Well Done Amey! We are proud of your achievements, continue to bring laurels to our school! Best of luck for the future competitions. Read More
June 19, 2021 Casting a ‘Spell’ in the Championship Advit Agrawal, a student of class V, with his impeccable understanding of words and ‘Spell’ binding performance has secured the first rank in MaRRS International Spelling Bee International Championship 2018-19, the result of which was announced on June 11th 2021. Congratulations, Advit! Keep the school flag flying high! Read More
June 11, 2021 Celebrating the World Environment Day: The art and slogan writing competition organised by the Humane Society International on World Environment Day saw the SFHS participants channel their inner creative brilliance to produce incredibly thought provoking entries around the topic of 'Fighting Climate Change through Plant Based Diet'.Whilst every entry had an equally meaningful message attached to it, the following three entries took the top prizes:Harjaan Gill, Class 9Vidhita Jain, Class 10Osheen Singh, Class 11We congratulate the participating students of the High School on their creativity and enthusiasm. Read More
May 29, 2021 SFOSA Initiative Strawberry Fields Old Students' Association aims to build capability and support for the larger community in these times of need. With extensive research and carefully identified causes, they provide pro bono consulting to organizations to extend a helping hand to high-priority areas.We invite your help in this initiative to create a high impact, driven by research, informed conversations and compassion towards everyone. After all, in these times of turmoil, people are all we have. Read More
May 20, 2021 Healthy lifestyle webinar Healthy lifestyle webinars for students of class 5, 6, 7 and 8 were conducted by the IBDP year 2 students. They had invited a guest speaker for the session Ms. Deepthy Sebastian, a clinical dietician from Sultanate of Oman. She is a lifelong member of Indian dietetic association and lifelong members of nutrition society of India. The webinars were held on 13 May and 17 May 2021.The webinar was conducted to celebrate the annual event National nutrition week 2021. Generally held from 1 September to 7 September, this week celebrates healthy living and encourages people to make positive changes to their lifestyle. Through this webinar IB DP students aimed to promote healthy eating, drinking and physical activity and hope to create awareness to achieve an overall healthier way of living across the school community. The motive was to make young students understand that living healthier is not as hard as one thinks. These sessions encouraged students to eat healthier, avoid harmful vices and increase levels of physical activity in their daily lives.The webinar was conducted to create awareness among the students about leading a healthy lifestyle in the global pandemic situation. Dr. Sebastian informed about the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, exercising daily, sleeping well, and managing stress. In the webinar students were informed on how to calculate their ideal body weight, create and follow a balanced routine and keeping our health in check. The students participated enthusiastically and asked Dr. Sebastian interesting questions to tame their curiosity towards the healthy lifestyle options. Read More
May 17, 2021 Shiladhar 2021 The fourth edition of “Shiladhar” , the much awaited Annual Literary Inter House Recitation Competition organized by the Hindi Department took place on the evening of 11th May 2021. Unfazed by the limitations of a virtual platform, the students of Grades 9 – 12 put up a spectacular show. Different literary genres like ‘Hasya Kavita, ‘Atmakatha vachan’ , ‘vishavlokan vachan’ were delved into.It was an engaging event that left the audience questioning and pondering over the powerful points put across in all the speeches. This platform truly served as a place where students were able to freely voice their opinions and express their views in the form of beautiful literary pieces. The conviction with which the pieces were spoken and delivered was heart warming. The awards were then announced by the prestigious judges consisting of- Ms. Shefali Arora, Ms. Archana Gulati and Mr. Mohan Khariyal. The winners in each category are:In Class 9 Ashraj Singh Sidhu secured the 1st position, Kartavya Sharma secured the second position and Advay Bajaj the 3rd.In Class 10 Vanya Arora secured the 1st position, Vedaa Anand secured the second position and Vidula Kapur secured the third position.In Class 11 both Tanya Gupta and Nitya Nandan Gargsecured the 1st position, Mehak Mehra secured the second position and Kashika Mahajan secured the third position.In Class 12 Sarthak Gandhi secured the 1st position, Adamya Aggarwal secured the second position and Yatharth Gupta secured the third position. In conclusion, the event was extremely well organised and symbolised the unity of the student body which was successful in holding this flawless event.All the presenters and participants did a brilliant job, delivering their lines with clarity and conviction. Some words plucked at our heart strings, some brought a lump to the throat while others made us laugh at life’s absurdities. And through it all the one common thread was the exploration of Hindi in its most distilled form which had the listeners yearning for more. Read More
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